Open Source


Open Source is the 21st century revolution that is shaping our future. Seriously.

Eonblast Open Source Contribution

Eonblast makes some of its innovations public and maintains the works of other contributors to the Open Source community.


Erlvolt is the Erlang VoltDB driver, contributed to VoltDB, Inc by Eonblast. VoltDB is the most fascinating high-throughput OLTP DB on this planet, a brainchild of Mike Stonebraker. Erlang is a highly parallel, functional language developed by Ericson and a battle tested mainstay of telecom programming.



EmySQL is the most advanced Erlang MySQL driver. MySQL is the most successful Open Source DB. It is the main database used by Facebook, Wikipedia and Twitter. EmySQL was developed at Electronic Arts and is now maintained by Eonblast.



Fleece is the fastes Lua extension library for Lua to JSON conversion. It beats other JSON packages by around 10 times. It was produced for Eonblast's Eonbeam game servers to ruthlessly maximize throughput. Lua is a hell of a tool, THE industry standard scripting language for game logic.



Erlualib is a port driver library for embedding Lua into Erlang. It provides a simple interface that is similar to the Lua C API and is the fastest option to execute Lua scripts from Erlang.